How Does Positive Intention and Energy Healing Work?

Louise Hay studied how physical ailments can originate from emotional pain.  Sometimes new opportunities present themselves to us after a session – as attuning to a higher frequency makes you a magnet to attract like beings of a higher frequency as well.  Our frequency is like a signal – like attracts like.  

We also have seven major chakras, or energy centers associated with nerve ganglia throughout the body. 


There are also minor chakras all around the body, such as in our palms and feet, and upper dimensional chakras above our head and below our feet. 

the 12 Chakra System

Crystals, herbs, oils and sounds all vibrate at different frequencies that can re-set our bodies.  Our bodies, an unstable being, will attune to the stable, (this is particularly helpful to understand with crystal healing).  You will choose your soundtrack based on the chakra or ailment that resonates most with what you want to work on that day. Each crystal, herb and oil also holds a vibration that is attuned to balance a different chakra or point in the body.  I will place these on and near your physical body. 

crystals for healing and their meaning

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