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What’s the difference between harmful EMFs and healthy EMFs?

Extremely harmful EMFs are x-rays, gamma rays and UV rays in high doses. EMFs are also generated by kitchen appliances, electrical tools, computers, cell phones and radio towers, to name a few.

Harmful EMFs can damage cells and DNA which can contribute to mutations and cancer. They may interfere with your circadian rhythm therefore making it difficult for you to sleep. Fatigue, depression, memory and concentration issues are also some commonly reported symptoms of being over-exposed to harmful EMFs. 

Contrarily, infrared light, photon red light with a wavelength of 660nm, and pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) also known as VLF are all beneficial for your health and are part of the mat’s technology. 

How does this mat help reduce harmful EMFs and increase healthy EMFs?

  1.  A charcoal layer in the mat absorbs harmful EMFs which are then transferred to the ground via a grounding wire to a wall socket ground pin. The heating coils are also double silicon foiled and teflon insulated to protect you from harmful EMF. 
  1. Amethysts also are known to intercept harmful EMFs, and magnify far infrared rays. 
  1. Infrared technology. Infrared light is a UV-free low temperature source of radiant heat with lower frequency and longer wavelengths than those of visible light, and higher frequency and shorter wavelengths than those of microwaves.
    • There are far infrared, mid infrared and near infrared. (Near implying that it is nearest to visible light in the spectrum).
    • The infrared rays in the mat are refracted and magnified through bamboo carbon, yellow mud clay, charcoal, and especially the amethyst crystals, which allow the heat to penetrate even more efficiently. Mid Infrared rays range from 1.4 to 8 microns and Far Infrared rays range from 8 to 1,000 microns.
    • The mat emits both MIR and FIR in the most absorbable wavelength, which is between 4-16 microns. This is called the “bio resonance” wave range.  For more information on Infrared therapy:
  1. PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequency) is a restorative modern technique that uses copper coils to create magnetic fields that are identical to the frequencies created by our cells, organs, bones, and tissues.  Biochemical processes in the body create small electrical currents and magnetic fields. The frequency of a healthy cell involved in a healthy biochemical reaction is different than if we/that cell are physically or mentally unwell.  Our bodies, as a dynamic being, will mimic the frequencies of our environment – this can be either helpful or harmful, depending on where we are and what we are surrounded by. The same idea is applied with crystal therapy and sound therapy/binaural beats, and this is a similar principle to the idea of grounding with your bare feet in the earth – to reconnect to the earth’s frequency, which is stabilizing, versus being shielded from it constantly with rubber soled shoes and being inside. 
    • The PEMF technology in this mat can create magnetic fields of 100-400 gauss and has options from 8-64 Hz, each with different benefits. Hz = the amount of sine wave pulses per second.  
    • Lower frequencies tend to be more relaxing and soothing and induce meditative and creative states. 8 Hz (level 1 of the mat) is on the border of the Alpha/Theta brainwave frequencies and is what I usually recommend to start.  
    • The gamma brainwave (30-44 Hz) is present in every area of the brain and is associated with high level processing.  Specifically, 40 Hz is thought to be the “master frequency” for processing multiple things at once, and a good memory is associated with 40 Hz activity.  
    • Skin conditions such as acne, allergies and inflammation have shown improvement with PEMF therapy at 10-15 Hz, depression at 3 Hz and 20 Hz, and Crohn’s disease in the 12-22 Hz range, for example. 
    • For more information on PEMF therapy:
  1. Anions/Negative Ion therapy. The mat emits 500-200 ions per square centimeter.  Anions or negative ions are atoms with an extra electron. 
    • Positive ions steal electrons from healthy cells to neutralize their own positive charge. They are present in highly polluted areas, and are generated by high frequency devices like cell phones, computers and kitchen appliances.  
    • Negative ions neutralize positive ions, purify the air in the reiki room, revitalize cell metabolism and enhance immune function. They also boost serotonin levels, increase the amount of oxygen that goes to the brain, and detoxify your body of heavy metals and waste. 
    • Negative ions are released by the amethysts, charcoal and yellow mud clay layers in the mat when heated up – even with your own body heat.
    • The mat also has an Air Ion function – through a high corona discharge, when the Air Ion function is turned on, the mat will emit 40-50 million electrons per second which convert to anions in the air

What other benefits does the mat provide? 

  1. 14 Red Light Photon LEDs. The mat has 660 nm UV-free, visible photon LEDs.
    • Red light therapy can typically penetrate through the skin about 8-10mm. It has been shown to promote wound healing and tissue repair, alleviate symptoms of depression, reduce inflammation to treat conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea, acne, hyperpigmentation and hair loss. I t regulates cytokines, increases cell proliferation, collagen and fibroblasts, increases ATP production, activates the lymphatic drainage system and stimulates RNA/DNA synthesis. 
    • For more information on red light therapy, see the link below:
  1. Amethyst Crystals
amethyst healing properties

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