about me

Meet sara simonian

Licensed Reiki Therapist and Certified Theta Healer

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My name is Sara

I’m an intrinsically motivated and multi-faceted person who has always been drawn to spirituality, holistic healing and the metaphysical.  I’ve also always wanted to know and understand what it would take – mentally, emotionally and spiritually to perform at my best.  As a personal trainer and natural bikini bodybuilder, I helped clients break limiting beliefs about themselves and focused on strong intrinsic mindsets as the foundation of physical success. I delved into the science of peak performance, specifically through mindfulness, meditation, and flex and flow states, and realized what inspired me most was developing the mental and spiritual strength to be one’s peak self – in and out of the gym. I am a certified Reiki II Practitioner through Reiki of San Diego, and currently enrolled in a mentorship program to receive my Master level certification in early 2024. While this certifies me to work with animals, I have an additional Animal Reiki certification and membership with the Shelter Animal Reiki Association, and follow the Let Animals LeadⓇ approach.  I am also a certified Theta Healer through Core Visions in San Diego. 

why reiki

By doing reiki, I feel I get to give positive intentional energy to help people be their best self. 

Sara Simonian performing reiki healing
what i do

As a reiki practitioner, I break up and release this old, low vibrating energy, and then infuse you with high vibration energy.

Everything, including solid matter, sound, and even emotions in the body emanate a certain frequency.  When I channel source energy and send you healing energy with your intentions as my focus, the energy within your body moves and upshifts from a lower to a higher frequency.  We vibrate at a lower frequency when we are affected with disease – physical, emotional, or mental. At higher frequencies, we can clear out pain, come to be in a clearer state of mind, experience profound new insights and creative solutions to challenges that were not previously available to us.

Reach out

I would love to discuss how Reiki will help you and enrich your life.