a Typical Reiki Session

reiki session space

A session typically starts with us sitting down and making sure you are comfortable, with no distractions, as we discuss your intentions for the session – what you would like healed that day.  You will then get to read about each soundtrack I have and pick the one with the healing energy/frequency that resonates most with you.  

You will wear noise cancelling headphones and an eye pillow as you lay on your back with a blanket. 

I then cleanse you of negative energy and infuse you with positive energy using a variety of herbs.  Smoke-free options such as selenite or kyanite crystals are also available.  

man lying down with towel over face receiving reiki treatment from woman

The next step is a reading of all of your chakras, using a pendulum.  I can see which ones are open, how open, and which areas are blocked.  Of course being balanced is ideal but “blocked” does not have to mean “bad” – sometimes based on where we are in our life, we may be relying more on certain chakras, and less so on others. So don’t judge yourself 🙂

woman holding pendulum over man while he is laying down receiving reiki treatment with a towel over his face and headphones on

Afterwards, I typically move to place my hands on your head and see what I intuitively feel with your energy body, and see where I am intuitively guided.  Sometimes I work from the crown down, other times I am directed to very specific places.  

sara placing hands on head of man laying down with a towel over his face in a blue lit room

All energy healers channel a bit differently. Once I am tuned in, I typically feel a sensation in my own body that directs me to work on the same area on your body.  I do not see or hear spirits or voices, but I receive intuitive downloads/messages.  

woman placing stones on man's chest why he is lying down with towel over his face

All of this is done with the utmost respect to your religious faith.  While I tend to channel angel and animal energy, anything that does not resonate with you will not come through.  If you have any beliefs and/or boundaries that are important to you I absolutely want you to tell me.  

Most clients find healing touch to be soothing, but I will always ask if you prefer hands on or hands off healing.  Many people experience changes in their body temperature, tingling, sensations of moving energy, visions of colors, memories emerging with a healing message, release of pain, and even crying or laughter.  

Towards the end of the session, I will re-read your chakras, ground your energy, seal your aura, and give a prayer of gratitude to you, Source, your guides, teachers, angels with the intention that the healing continues to integrate into your body with grace, ease and flow.  If any chakras are still blocked or inconclusive at the second read, I will treat that area again, and then read a third time. 

Sara meditating in blue lit room

The session concludes with a heart chakra singing bowl to gently let you know that the session has concluded. 

I absolutely love sharing what came up for me after your session, and hearing what came up for you.  I take notes during all my sessions and make a copy for you to take home.  

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