Spiritual Serenity with Reiki and Energy Healing

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For Inner Peace And Wellness

Reiki is energy healing and takes the intention of a meditation, calling it in from a God/Source and channeling it to you in a shared, sacred space. 

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Your Intention

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Out Low Vibrating Energy

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With High Vibrational Energy

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Your Frequency and Capabilities

My Philosophy

At Sara’s Solace, my goal is for you to experience the highest level of healing possible. I believe in the science of the power of intent. That the energy infused in our words and actions have meaning and they can affect the physical form.  I do not condemn western medicine, nor believe Reiki is the one and only modality for all things, but I believe in harnessing the power of Source energy and positive intent to boost your existing health regimen. 

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Meet your Reiki therapist Sara Simonian

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What to Know

Become more familiar with Reiki

The Experience

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Benefits of Reiki:

  • A clearer mind, access to new perspectives on previous challenges that felt “stuck” 
  • Emotional release & processing
  • Raising your physical vibration, so your body can heal/detoxify itself
  • Renewed energy & vitality, often clients report feeling “lighter” after a session
  • Relief from physical pain
  • Balancing your chakra system

Reiki For Pets

Reiki is as beneficial to pets as it is to people. Pets experience the healing power and feel the energy which can reduce stress and cause deep relaxation. I provide Reiki services to pets of all kind.

Experience it

Reiki Benefits Everyone Who Uses It

With Reiki you can expect a deeply relaxing and calming sensation during your treatment. Prepare to let go and heal.

Speak With Me

I would love to discuss the benefits of Reiki and how it can enrich your life. Whether you have chronic pain, stress, mental fatigue, or just want to feel at peace, my therapy can help you achieve that.